3 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Biceps | dumbbell bicep exercises | best bicep workout with dumbbells

What does your exercise routine consist of? Do you complete the cardiovascular exercise with bodybuilding? It is essential to do a complete routine to work out various body parts to get many benefits for your health.


The biceps are one of the essential muscles in the body. They are responsible for flexing and extending the elbow joint, which is essential for all athletes. You can train the biceps in various ways, but it is essential to do some exercises that target them specifically. It means that you should focus on doing curls, extensions, and other types of movements that target your biceps muscle group.


They are also one of essential muscles in your body, as they contribute to the shape and strength of your arm. However, most people don’t know how to train them effectively. This post will teach you how to do a workout for the biceps that is perfect for beginners and experienced users alike.

Advantages of Doing Exercises with Dumbbells for Biceps

Of course, everything that involves moderate physical exercise is good for our health. In particular, bodybuilding is very necessary for our routine. Cardio exercise helps us improve our heart health and burn fat, but complementing it with machines and dumbbells allows us to build our muscles and speed up our metabolism.


For this reason, we encourage you to include a routine of this type in your daily exercise and to combine muscle groups with working different parts of the body.

Three Dumbbell Exercises for Biceps

Biceps are not just for aesthetics, but they play an essential role in many sports and activities. For example, when you’re playing tennis, your forehand needs to be strong enough to hit the ball with speed and accuracy. Here are the three best exercises for the biceps:

Bicep curls

It is the most basic exercise. You have to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, grab a dumbbell, and then straighten your arm. The exercise consists of bending the elbow and returning to the starting position as many times as you have planned your exercise.

Hammer push-ups

They are a variant of the previous exercise, in which the elbow is in a different position, but the exercise routine is practically the same. It serves to work a different portion of the biceps, and it is done with both arms at the same time and not one by one.

Concentrated bicep curls

Another variant is the one that is done on a special bench. Support the whole arm, although you should only move from the elbow down. This position helps you maintain your shoulder and avoid sudden movements or injuries.


As you can see, working the biceps is quite simple, and in general, you will notice excellent results little by little. Remember that before doing these exercises, you must warm up very well beforehand to avoid injuries, and when you finish, you must stretch all the muscles.


Diet is also essential to see results, so you have to include all food groups in your diet and try to eliminate as much sugar and bad fat as possible. In general, the recommendation is that you eat natural foods to fuel your body and be able to endure these exercise routines and see progress quickly.

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