3 Best Dumbbell Exercises for Triceps | tricep workouts with dumbbells | dumbbell tricep extension

Supplementing cardio with some weight lifting will help you to keep your muscles fit and improve your overall health. Exercising with dumbbells or specialized machines also burns calories, and as you increase your muscle mass, you will also speed up your metabolism. We want to tell you about how to incorporate exercises with dumbbells for the triceps and other muscles into your routine to enjoy numerous advantages.


Benefits of Doing Exercises with Dumbbells for Triceps

As you know, physical exercise is vital to maintain our general health. Still, many people focus too much on cardiovascular routines and ignore complementary ones, such as gaining strength and muscle.


Complementing cardio with a bit of weight lifting improves your general health, working the muscles you use every day, both upper and lower body. Thus, it will be easier for you to perform depending on what tasks you will improve your posture and see yourself better in the mirror.


But not only that, but the bodybuilding exercise burns calories even hours after doing intense training, and the muscle gain speeds up the metabolism. Do you want to know some exercises with dumbbells?


Three Exercises with Dumbbells for Triceps

Today, we will focus on the triceps, a muscle that we often forget about and that can be somewhat difficult to work on.


Tricep extension


You can do it with one arm or two. Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold the dumbbell by the grip and raise your arm with the dumbbell behind your head. The repetition movement consists of bending the elbow and returning to the starting position. Do several sets of fifteen or twenty reps each. You can also do it with both arms.


Donkey kick

Standing, bend your trunk until you are in a 90º position concerning the ground and advance one leg to have good support. Now, position your arm as if you were going to juggle it on your hip, but with the dumbbell in your hand. The movement consists of stretching the elbow to place it back and bending it again at the hip height.


French press



Lie down on a bench or chair and grab the dumbbells with your arms raised and stretched. Now bend your elbow behind your head and return to the starting position.

Aspects to Take into Account to Work the Triceps

Keep in mind that you should do all of these exercises in moderation. The idea is that you alternate them with others for the biceps, chest, or back and that you do not work the triceps on consecutive days. Do several repetitions in the series. That is, you repeat ten times, for example, and stop for a few minutes. Then you repeat the process.


It is also essential that you warm up well before doing this exercise, with a gentle jog or a bike ride, and that you stretch all the muscles used before finishing. This way, you will avoid possible injuries. You will see visible results in a short time.

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