3 Best Squat Racks to Buy in 2022 | power rack | rack squat

A squat rack allows you to perform complete workouts, adding a plus of strength and safety to the exercises carried out. Its shape is usually quite basic, with four vertical posts as a cage, so we can also find this device under the name of squat cage.


With a squat rack, you can add a heavier weight than usual to your exercises without taking risks since the rack supports will stop any fall. In our guide, we offer you some of the best models on the market and several tips so you can select the best one taking into account its measurements, materials, and resistance.


Powerline Rack: A Complete Squat Rack

The Powerline squat rack allows you to increase the training level by performing strength exercises to guarantee safety and efficiency.

This type of structure is common in many gyms, but Powerline adapts its models to the needs that any user may have at home when performing squats and shoulder or bench press exercises.


This rack can reach up to 18 positions thanks to its hooks and safety bars. You can use additional elements such as weights or discs in this structure. It has a 10-year guarantee and lets you download its assembly instructions online, making the process much simpler and easier to understand.


This squat rack is constructed from heavy-duty 2″ x 2″ tubing and includes safety mounts for the rocker bars. Its load capacity reaches 317 kilos of weight. It has remarkable dimensions, so it needs ample space to set up a room. Its height is more than two meters, with a length that reaches 117 centimeters.



  • Available in black and gray
  • Great for beginners
  • Easy mounting
  • Stable



  • Low weight capacity
  • Unsophisticated finishes
  • Simple design

Pull-Up Fitness: Squats and pull-ups.

This cage-like squat rack is simple and easy to assemble, making it perfect for home gyms. You can perform squats, bench presses, and pull-ups with this device. It has an adjustable traction bar according to the user’s height. It has a maximum load capacity of 250 kg—a somewhat lower weight than other models with similar characteristics, making it much cheaper.


This workstation is constructed of solid steel. Its use is suitable for beginners and professionals, but it is not ideal for all users. It is indicated only for users with a maximum weight of 150 kilos. As an advantage over other models, it includes tools for assembly.



  • You can perform various exercises
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Possibility of anchoring to the ground
  • Includes mounting hardware



  • Not very stable with high weight load
  • Somewhat small design. Tall users feel slightly uncomfortable
  • Only suitable for home gyms

UK Fitness: Adjustable squats

It is one of the simplest squat racks on the market, but it arouses tremendous interest and excellent opinions among users who want to have their own gym at home. This multi-option squat rack is fully adjustable.


It also has safety support and is indicated for performing squat bench presses. Shoulder presses, previously making the corresponding height and style adjustments to obtain better results from each workout. They are adjustable on each side to fit each user.


The squat rack is perfect for use with a barbell. This squat rack is made of solid steel and is coated for durability against scuffs or scratches. The non-slip rubber feet allow the rack to be placed firmly on any surface, preventing damage to the floor and offering maximum safety.

It also allows a variety of strength training performed safely with multiple mounting positions for the safety supports and rest hooks.



  • Bars of sufficient length
  • Easy mounting
  • High stability
  • Great value for the price



  • Top mounts without pads
  • No possibility of anchoring to the ground
  • Limited exercises
  • Not recommended for professional gyms

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