3 Best Training weighted vests of 2022

When it comes to quality training that helps us improve physically, it is one of the most exciting supplements since it allows us to work on our strength and aerobic level more deeply. You can use a weighted vest for all kinds of exercises: running, push-ups, rope climbing, or burpees. At thefitmuscles.com, we wanted to review the best that you can find on the market. Finally, we have stayed with the three that we consider most important based on their comfort and characteristics. We hope you find it exciting and that after reading it you will have a clearer idea of ​​the option that best suits you.


Lixada – Boxing Adjustable Weighted Vest

This model is made of high-density Oxford fabric that is especially effective against wear and tear. It can support a maximum weight of 20 kilograms. The vest has several bags (16, specifically) that you can fill with sand to carry out the load.


Another option is to use steel plates to perform the load. Many users who have acquired this model have ordered the plates from a blacksmith.

Empty weighs 600 grams and has dimensions of 60 centimeters long by 42 centimeters wide. The design aspect is that the shoulder area is more comprehensive than other models, allowing greater comfort.


CAPITAL SPORTS – Monstervest Weighted Vest


Capital Sports has surprised us with this model called Monstervest, available in various weight options. When purchasing this model, you can choose between the lightest option of five kilograms or between other heavier options of 10, 20, and 30 kilograms. The user will have to choose one model or another depending on their physical performance and the type of activities and training they want to do.


As for the sizes, it is essential to add that this model is universal. The weights of this model are easily inserted, although we have seen that removing them takes a little challenging work when it comes to removing them. The weights on this vest are metal. Each of them has a weight close to a kilo (920 grams, to be more exact). Depending on the type of vest, we find several weights proportional to the maximum weight of the vest, that is:

  • In the five-kilogram, we find five weights of 920 grams.
  • In the ten kilograms, we find ten weights of 920 grams.
  • In the 20-kilogram, we find 20 weights of 920 grams.
  • In the 30-kilogram, we find 30 weights of 920 grams.

All the pockets to lift weights are distributed around the vest to offer an optimal distribution.

adidas – ADP-10701, Weighted Vest

The Adidas ADSP-10701 offers an innovative, comfortable, and ergonomic design. The outer part is made with velcro and safety zippers to fix the weights. In addition, it incorporates a zipper closure and elastic adjustment buckles to set it to the body size.

One aspect that surprises users the most is the comfort and softness that it offers in contact with the skin. For this, Adidas has placed soft padding that borders the vest in its entirety. Thanks to this, we can put it on the skin without t-shirts.

The exterior is reinforced with higher-strength nylon to prevent seam breakage and wear and tear. Also, the outer materials are water-resistant. You should also note that the adjustment of the vest is simple and perfectly adjustable, thanks to the nylon straps.

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