3 Ways to Maximize Weight Loss Through Portion Control

There’s a strong chance that you’ve tried out multiple diets, like many individuals who have attempted to reduce weight over the years.

The majority of diets emphasize limiting your intake by eliminating foods like refined sugars, carbohydrates, fat, etc. And while limiting your intake of those products can help you lose weight, the constant restriction may make it harder for you to stick with it and be consistent.

Over the past few decades, portion control has grown increasingly difficult. This is because, during the 1970s, average serving sizes drastically increased in both restaurants and retail settings. According to a 2002 study in the American Journal of Public Health, recommended and restaurant portion sizes rose significantly in the 1980s and have since continuously increased with average body weights in the United States.

If you still want to enjoy some foods that are high in calories, controlling your portion size is beneficial. And fortunately, there are approaches to take. We’ve compiled three tactics to help you maximize your portion-control weight loss efforts. Reaching your goals can be greatly aided by putting these suggestions into practice!

Start by using a smaller plate

Many of us have learned to eat everything on our plates from an early age. The issue is that plates are frequently rather big. Additionally, the large, platter-like plates we are used to not boding well for portion control. Think about serving your food on a smaller plate, like a salad or portion-control plate. You’ll be more conscious of how much you’re consuming as a result. If you are not ultimately satisfied, you may always get more.

Additionally, you should try to fill half of your plate with veggies, one-fourth with lean protein, and the remaining one-fourth with full grain, such as brown rice.

Make use of a kitchen scale

To ensure that you are eating the proper quantity, weighing your portions can be very helpful. When you’re learning what proper portion sizes look like, digital scales are a great purchase. Measure out your portions for the stuff you’ll be eating during the week throughout the weekend. Or, if you’d like, measure out the servings before each meal. You’ll quickly have a clear understanding of what the ideal portion size is.

When you eat, be mindful

We reside in a hectic world. You can all too frequently find yourself eating quickly while watching TV or before a business meeting. But taking your time and eating mindfully can help you eat the right amount of food. Set aside time in your day to sit down and consume your meals deliberately and mindfully, just as you would with any other important activity.

Be mindful of the smell, texture, and flavor of each bite, and pay attention to the signals your stomach gives your mind while you eat. This will not only make eating more enjoyable, but it will also create a connection between your body and brain that will let you know when you’ve had enough food and should stop eating.


At Fit muscles, we think eating healthily doesn’t have to be difficult or unpleasant. We approach weight loss with common sense, which means that every meal our world-class chefs prepare puts portion size, nutritional value, and taste first.

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