6 Top Exercises For Stronger Triceps | tricep workouts | best tricep exercises

The triceps is the most significant muscle in your arm, and developing it will make your arms look big and muscular.


Most of us have ever made the mistake to center the arm workout on the biceps, leaving the triceps. Believe it or not, the latter is responsible for 60% of your arms’ total volume, and it is more important to train it correctly.

Performing a great tricep workout doesn’t mean using just the tricep muscle to do the movements, but combining the strength of the different muscle groups while keeping the triceps engaged in reaping the benefits of each workout.


Next, we will see six essential exercises to develop this muscle and achieve good results.


1- Push-ups with hands together


Raise your chest, but the more you put your hands together, the more you train your triceps. Keep your back straight, squeeze your glutes and lower until your chin touches the floor.


2- Dumbbell standing extensions


Do not take too much weight and watch that your technique is correct to avoid injuries. Straight back too, don’t forget to prevent damaging your lower back.


3- Bench press


Place a foam roller on your chest and lower yourself until the bar touches. Go up and down slowly and feel the tension in your triceps.


4- Parallel bars


It is a classic exercise, widely used in calisthenics, which also works for the chest. It is advisable not to lock your elbows, and it is not recommended if you suffer from a shoulder injury.


5- Diamond push-ups


We place our hands together, forming a diamond with our fingers, and go down very slowly to emphasize triceps movement. Touch the ground with your chin. Now, keep your core firm at all times so that your hips do not lower down.


6- Chair Push


First, Put your feet up and, with your hands resting on a chair, with your back to it. Then go up and down slowly without separating the elbows too much.


Triceps Training Tips and Tricks


To achieve triceps hypertrophy, it is essential to maintain a training routine, know how to use weight well, and have good technique. To attain good toning, you will need to work with high-weight loads, close to 75% of your maximum repetition.

You must have the entire muscle group worked before hypertrophying the triceps, and keep in mind that you will not achieve toning results quickly. Also, remember that you must know the technique very well because you are doing exercises that aim to work a specific muscle.


Vary your exercises, so your muscle doesn’t get used to working only one way. In this way, you will perform for all muscle parts and achieve more remarkable toning.


And to finish, remember that the muscles must rest. Let your triceps rest for a minimum of 48 hours after a training session.


We hope that you will get your arms muscular with these exercises and tips. Although, if you have doubts, we recommend that you consult with a personal trainer or room monitor at your gym to help you achieve good technique.


Remember that a high-protein diet must accompany all good training to achieve the desired hypertrophy. Consult with your trusted dietitian to guide you toward a diet that suits your activity.



So there you have it! Some of the best triceps exercises you can try the next time you work out, with a few tips to help you boost the process. Remember to make time in your workouts for some triceps exercises to promote muscle mass to build your body strength and progress quickly!




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