As You Get Older, Try These 5 Powerful Resistance Exercises

You’ve likely heard how important a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercise are to extend your life. And certainly, those things are crucial; however, adding resistance training to your program is also crucial. That’s because as you age, your muscles naturally lose strength; effects that can be resisted by engaging in activities like lifting weights and utilizing resistance bands.

According to a recent review of 16 research including 480,000 adults between the ages of 18 and 98, those who engaged in muscular training for 30 to 60 minutes each week had a 40% lower risk of dying before their time.

40% lower risk of premature death.

46% lower risk of heart disease.

28% lower risk of dying from cancer.

And that applies to women in particular. A 2017 research of 30,000 women revealed that those who lifted weights had fewer heart attacks than those who didn’t during the course of the study’s 12-year follow-up.

For middle-aged and elderly people, we’ve compiled 5 incredibly effective resistance workouts. To extend your life, practice these at least a couple of times every week!

Resistance Band Workouts

If you’re a newbie or looking for a softer way to strength train without having to lift weights, these elastic pieces of rubber might be just the thing. Following a trainer on YouTube can make it simple for you to buy a set to utilize at home.

Another choice is to use the ones offered at your local gym under the guidance of a trainer or after conducting your study. Bonus: Resistance exercise also enhances flexibility, posture, and the core.

Chair Yoga

Yoga is a great technique to stretch our sore muscles and increase flexibility. Through the use of moderate movements and posture holds while seated, chair yoga allows seniors to reach the challenging elements of the practice.

Chair yoga classes are offered at certain recreation centers. For those who would want to experiment on their own at home, YouTube provides a fantastic video.

Water Aerobics

Anyone with stiff joints, arthritis or sore muscles can benefit greatly from exercising in the water. Your body experiences less strain when in the water, which also provides natural resistance. You can search for water aerobics workouts on YouTube to try on your own.

Or, if you’d prefer, you might inquire about group fitness classes at your neighborhood recreation center. Additionally, enrolling in a class is a great opportunity to meet new people and maintain your motivation.


Pilates is a low-impact exercise that can increase flexibility, balance, and core strength. To tone muscles, they entail deep breathing and gradual, controlled movement. Joining a local Pilates class would probably be a good idea if you want to learn the best methods.

There, a reformer machine or floor mats will be used for a wide range of exercises. Try a YouTube video for a guided pilates workout if the gym just isn’t your thing.

Low-Weight, High-Rep Dumbbell Routine

Contrary to popular belief, utilizing heavy weights to perform a high repetition, of low-weight dumbbell workouts can still help you gain muscle. Additionally, they may be effective for senior citizens who desire to develop muscle around injured joints and ligaments.

A YouTube video will walk you through a 30-minute workout if you have dumbbells at home. You might also visit a gym and develop your special routine there with the help of a personal trainer. Just like with other activities, it’s important to pay attention to your body and avoid overdoing it.


There’s never been a better moment to start including weightlifting and strength training in your everyday routine. Try one (or more!) of these suggestions right now. Strengthening and maintaining your body minimizes falls, enhances mobility and stability, maintains your bones strong, and lessens arthritic discomfort.

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