Best Exercises to Do in Spare Time | Physical activity

Between the pace of life we ​​lead and our commitments, it is often difficult for us to find time to exercise. In fact, lack of time is usually the most used excuse for not going to the gym or not playing sports. 

But today I come to dismantle all those excuses, and it is that with only 30 minutes we can do a complete training.

As far as practicing exercise is concerned, sometimes it is not a matter of quantity, but of quality. For days when we have little time, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or TABATA-style routines are the most suitable. 

Although there are variations, in both cases it is about performing an exercise circuit, where you work for several seconds at maximum intensity and rest for another few seconds (the time varies depending on the method).

For example, in the TABATA method, each exercise is practiced for 20 seconds at maximum intensity and rests for 10. 8 series are done with each exercise, that is, 4 minutes. 

Do you cheer up?

Before starting the exercises, it is advisable to warm up the muscles a little to avoid possible discomfort or injury. 

We can jog lightly for 4 minutes, gradually increasing the intensity and adding joint mobility exercises (raise knees, heels to the buttocks, bigger steps, smaller steps). 

We can jog on the move, or if we don’t have much space, on the spot. If we have a stationary bike, well, we can also warm up there.

To finish the warm-up, we will dedicate 1 minute to moving the main joints, to avoid injuries. We can start in order from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top, but we will try to warm up the ankles, knees, hips, waist, wrists, shoulders, and neck a little.


Attention! In all the exercises we are going to give you the advanced version and a version for beginners or people with little training. Do what suits you.

And remember, we do each exercise for 20 seconds and rest 10, like this 8 times until completing 4 minutes.

Although we have commented that you have to choose 5 exercises, so that we can complete a 20-minute session, I am going to give you 8 exercises. This way you can vary the sessions, although if you want you can also do the 8 (32 minutes), which together with the warm-up and stretching will make training about 40 minutes.

1. Jumping jacks

On the spot, open and close both legs in a jump, accompanying them with a movement of the arms.

 2. Squats

Standing, with the legs open a little more than the width of the hips, we bend the knees and lower the hips as far as possible until we put the legs at 90º. 

Try to go down with your back as straight as possible, without leaning your body forward. Watch out! If the knees do not bend forward, they cannot advance the feet.

3. Climbers or mountain climbers

A most complete exercise to work abs, arms, and also cardio. We place ourselves in a plank or push-up position, that is, face down with our hands open shoulder-width apart and our feet flat on the ground, our back straight and our abdominals contracted.

4.- Gluteal bridge

This exercise is one of the best for toning and tightening the buttocks, that is, to lift the butt. We lie on our backs, with our legs bent and our feet flat on the ground, hip-width apart. We place the arms along the body and relaxed. 

We raise the hips off the ground, focusing on squeezing the hips and belly well until we form a diagonal from the knees to the shoulders. We begin to go down slowly, controlling the movement.

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