Best Fitness Equipment for Women Post Pregnancy | home postpartum fitness

As new moms, many of us get all fired up about getting back into shape. But saying it is so
much easier than doing it. Working out is difficult enough for non-postpartum women, let alone
those of us who have just ejected a full human being from our bodies.
Starting with a light workout program and gradually increasing your intensity is the best way to
To restore pelvic floor strength, flexibility, and responsiveness, many trainers prescribe a pelvic
floor program.
We can also develop our back muscles by performing head lifts, shoulder lifts, and curl-ups.
Below is the fitness equipment for women post pregnancy
Jump Rope
Shout those playground rhymes as you were in elementary school. Jumping rope, believe it or
not, maybe a terrific way to add some cardio to your workouts.
The best thing is that this cardio equipment takes up very little space and can be utilized for fun
with the kids when you’re not working out.
Stationary Bike
This exercise equipment provides a low-impact workout for the joints. Biking is a great low-impact workout alternative that still burns calories.
Foldable Yoga Mat
A folding yoga mat is an excellent investment if you have limited room in your house. These
mats can be used for HIIT, circuit, or Pilates exercises, meditation, and stretching in addition to
For work travels and vacations, you can easily throw it in your suitcase, or your diaper bag for
park visits!
Resistance Bands
Flat and loop resistance bands are both inexpensive and efficient pieces of fitness equipment
that may be used in a range of workouts.
They can often be substituted with hand weights and take up only a fifth of the space. When
doing arm exercises, using flat resistance bands and loop bands for leg circuits.
Pilates or Yoga Rope
Grab a yoga rope and start experimenting with it if you want to improve your flexibility and
stability. These sturdy cotton ropes can be used in Pilates and yoga, as well as for general
stretching after a workout.
For wonderful leg and hip stretches, place your foot in the loop and hold onto the other end.
These are fantastic for new moms who suffer hip pain from sleeping on their sides for nine
Free weights
Dumbbells and other free weights are excellent for developing our upper body. Begin with 5-
and 10-pound weight sets. Because free weights exercise and train more muscles, they reduce
the risk of muscular imbalance and injury.
Core Sliders
Even though they resemble odd little Frisbees, core sliders are extremely versatile and
compact. They are ideal for traveling and may be used on carpet, tile, and hardwood floors. Use
them for ab rollouts, sideways plank lunges, and plank mountain climbers on the floor

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