Crossfit Exercises for Beginners

Have you heard of CrossFit, the trendy sport? It is one of the best activities to try out for those looking for effective exercise to take care of their health. If you want to get started with this sport, today, we want to talk to you about some CrossFit workouts for beginners that can help you get the hang of this routine.


Crossfit is a popular exercise regimen that has been gaining in popularity over the past few years. What are the best exercises for beginners?

Crossfit Exercises for Beginners, How Do They Benefit You?

Crossfit is an extensive and varied exercise routine that works your body with few but handy resources. It can be considered, in fact, a union of several disciplines, such as weightlifting or gymnastics, and works on your resistance, strength, and flexibility. In other words, it is a complete option.


But not everyone can stick with a CrossFit routine, so starting small is essential. Although it may seem easy to perform, it is an exercise of high intensity.

5 CrossFit Exercises for Beginners

We are going to present these CrossFit exercises divided by disciplines, so you can combine them as you want and little by little:


CrossFit includes cardiovascular endurance exercises like running. You can start by doing sets of 400 meters and repeating two, three, five, and so on. At first, you can do them at a medium pace and then increase the intensity with shorter and shorter recoveries between sets. You will see how you improve your resistance a lot in a short time.

Lower Body:

You can work your lower body with squats, which is a classic CrossFit exercise. In the beginning, we recommend that you do them with your own weight and that little by little, you add additional loads, such as 10, 15, or 20-kilo bags. To do the squats, you must have your feet shoulder-width apart, with your toes completely straight and your back as well. This way, you will avoid injuries.


They are also a fundamental exercise in CrossFit. Little by little, you will improve in these exercises. First, do sets of low repetitions and go higher day after day. You can add additional weight with a plate on your back or raise your legs on a bench to increase the working angle when you have it under control.


If you can do a pull-up, you can improve them with CrossFit. Hang a bar and try to do as many repetitions as possible. Little by little, you will see improvement. To build reps fast, you can do weighted pull-ups. You just have to hang a belt with a disc of 5, 10, or 20 kilos and do pull-ups in this way. You will feel strong with time.


Do not forget to add some abdominal workout sessions to your routine because it is also essential to work in this area. You can do isometrics, which consists of holding in a push-up position for some time. Start with 30 seconds and gradually add time.


You can combine these beginner CrossFit exercises to build your own routine. You will see how you gain a lot of strength in a short time and look fit.

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