Diet Tips For Fat Loss

This article will tell you how you can manage your fat loss journey. What to eat after and before a workout is very important and we will guide you through it.

What to eat before a workout:

It is easy to read fat loss tips than practice them daily. Remember consistency is the key if you are committed you can do anything.

We can take a protein & carbs base diet before 1 hour of our workout. But we have to take protein in high quantities than carbs because protein helps to stronger your muscles. So that your body remains Anabolic during exercise.

There are Amino acids in the protein that prevent muscle breakdown. Remember, here we are not discussing protein as a supplement, we are talking about protein as a nutrient.

If we talk about the egg white and if one takes 2 or 3 egg whites so the protein in it will save muscles during exercise easily for more than 2 hours. The glucose or Amino acids that your body required during exercise will provide by protein & carbs.

To sum up this all, you need a protein & carbs diet so you can take 3 egg whites with 1 banana half an hour before your workout. Because you need an empty stomach when you are doing a workout. But if you are at an advanced level then you can take your pre-workout supplements before a workout. If one can’t take supplements then he/she can take black coffee or green tea 20 minutes before a workout.

whey protein BCAA

After workout diet tips for fat loss:

Now, talk about diet after exercise which is your recovery time. When you do exercise, your muscles break down, and to recover it, you have to take our Whey protein, and if you have unavailability of Whey protein so you can use 3-4 eggs white as well.

So, it is all about how to take food, and now, we talk about our muscle-building diet so visit here.

Tip: “Don’t take egg yolk, it causes your absorption to slow.”

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