Five foods that can not be missing in the diet if you want to gain muscle and burn fat

Given the choice of 5 essential foods in your fitness diet, oatmeal, walnuts or almonds, eggs,
bananas and broccoli are necessary to gain more muscle and burn fat.
In addition to talent, effort, or motivation, many other factors influence an athlete’s performance.
According to the “Nutrition for Athletes” guide developed by the Nutrition Working Group of the
International Olympic Committee a few years ago, “diet affects athletic performance, and the
foods we choose to eat during training and competition will affect their results.”.
While athletes need to take care of what they eat, it is also necessary that they do so in the
hands of professionals. Planning nutrition without knowing about it can make the athlete make
mistakes. “Some of these errors come from thinking that the amounts depend solely on the type
of sport, when in reality many other factors influence”, revealed an expert.

Does Food Play an Important Role in Athlete Performances
Food is a fundamental pillar when exercising. In this diet, proteins play an essential role in
recovering and growing muscle since the body has to be assisted in its recovery from the effort.
This importance lies in the fact that, during training, the muscle cells are subjected to more
stress than they usually have, which means that you have to recover part of those cells and
generate new ones, for which protein synthesis is crucial.
Thus, foods rich in protein are the best ally of the muscles.
Going to a professional is even more critical for specific diets such as vegetarianism or
particular moments that affect eating.
According to the Guide prepared by the International Olympic Committee, people who follow a
vegetarian diet should consume 10% more protein than if they consume protein of animal origin.
Athletes who practice Ramadan should modify their training schedules for better performance.
Five essential foods to improve your performance
Athletes are advised to consume these five essential foods to perform more during training and
on a day-to-day basis:

Oatmeal. Oatmeal is a cereal rich in complex carbohydrates that are processed slowly. It allows
the athlete to take advantage of long-lasting energy and a nutritional source of vitamins and
Walnuts and almonds. Nuts and other seeds of natural fats play a significant role, especially in
endurance sports, since they generate a series of fatty acids that the human body cannot
Egg. The egg is a beneficial source of protein for athletes because of its easy digestion and
versatility when cooking or combining it with other foods because of the number of nutrients and
minerals it contains.
Banana. It has high levels of carbohydrates and potassium, among others. It is essential
because of the energy contribution it implies, a fact that explains why many athletes take it just
before or just after their training.
Broccoli. Its anabolic properties are crucial to muscle mass gain and fat loss. Its high level of
vitamins contribute to sports performance, and their low calories help prevent weight gain.

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