Five tips to avoid shoulder and back contractures

Neck, shoulder, and back pain is the order of the day. No one escapes from that stab of pain, that shoulder block, or those lumbar that reminds us that we must take better care of ourselves.
Bad postures on the sofa or in front of the computer, not relaxing the muscles adequately, and carrying too much weight cause the muscles to tighten, forming painful contractions. Following
these tips will help us prevent them.

When shopping, distribute the weight in different bags
When making a purchase, it is essential to distribute the weight of the products in different bags.
So that, when carrying them, the weight is balanced on each side, and we can keep the spine straight and not lift one shoulder more than the other.

If you carry a shopping cart, keep in mind that it is better to push it with two hands than to pull it with just one. Take breaks when using screens we spend many hours in front of a screen, be it the computer, tablet, mobile, or television.
It makes us keep our heads in an unnatural posture: on tablets and mobiles, we usually lower our heads, and with computer screens, we tend to advance it concerning the axis of the spine.

We must think that, approximately, the skull represents 9% of the total weight of our body. So, if we do not adopt a good posture, the neck, shoulders, and back muscles will become more and

more stressed. Therefore, it is advisable to pause and straighten your shoulders to relieve tension.

Avoid forced postures
All work done with your arms requires straining your back muscles. If, in addition, the work
involves a forced posture, there will be a greater probability that contractions will appear. Again, it is best to take breaks from work to relax your muscles.

Use a pillow at bedtime

Maintaining a good posture at bedtime, whether in bed or after a nap on the sofa, is essential to avoid neck and back discomfort. Using a suitable pillow or cushion will allow the head to rest
well and relax the neck and back muscles.

At the time of reading
As with screens, when we read, we tend to lower our heads, forcing the natural position of the cervical s for a long time. It causes us to stress the muscles of the neck and back.

In addition, it is better to keep in mind that the effort we make with our arms to hold the book or magazine will cause us to tense up even more.

If you will read then, it is best to use a podium or place a cushion on the legs that allow the book to rest without lifting it.

In short, avoiding repetitive movements, adopting good postural hygiene, and exercising to strengthen the muscles are the best prevention against contractions.

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