Muscle Gain Diet Plan

It is equally important to take a good diet with workouts when aiming for a muscle gain body. Many people exercise to their core but do not follow a proper diet plan to gain muscle. This results in the process slowing down. Therefore, a high-protein diet is necessary for muscle gaining.

Full-Day Meal Plan:

Down below is a full-day meal plan if you want to gain muscles. It includes 6 meals for your whole day. But before this make a habit of drinking water before brushing your teeth. Because there is an enzyme in our saliva known as amylase which is very beneficial for our digestion.

Meal No. 1:

This is a pre-breakfast meal, you can have chickpeas or a handful of almonds in this meal. If you have BCAA (Branched Chain Amino-Acid) you may have a scoop of it with half lemon. It will detox all the oily meals you had taken in the dinner. Those who have unavailability of BCAA can take 1 spoon of honey with the addition of half lemon to it.

Meal No. 2:

mass gain diet

This meal 2 is your breakfast. Take 1 glass of milk with 3-4 brown bread, 4-6 egg whites, and peanut butter. If you go to the gym in the evening so you can add your whey protein or mass gainer in the milk as well.

Meal No.3:

You will take this meal in the afternoon time. Eat 2-4 boiled potatoes or sweet potatoes with curd in this meal. As curd is very good for those who have digestion problems. Moreover, we are on a mass-gaining diet so we take 100g brown rice with 100g chicken or mutton.

The more we take red meat, the more we gain our muscles better. If you have a problem with meat then you can take pulses or soya beans as well as brown rice.

Meal No. 4:

Your meal 4 will be your evening meal. Take an omelet and toasted bread for the meal. But if you are bored and want to try something different you can take half egg fry or chicken soup as well.

Meal No. 5:

You will take this meal at the dinner time. Have 100g of brown rice with 200g of meat. In case of unavailability of chicken have some soybean or pulse with brown rice. Don’t forget to include curd in your dinner.

Meal No. 6:

mass gain diet

This will be your last meal of the day. You will take this before going to bed. Take a scoop of mass gainer with milk. As milk has casein protein which will help boost your metabolism.


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