Quick and Easy Exercises with Weights at Home | quick strength workout at home | quick dumbbell workout at home

How do you combine your exercise routine? Adding a variety of activities will not only make you achieve your goals, but you will also enjoy sports. For example, doing weights will allow you to work your muscles and complete your cardiovascular exercises, so today, we will give you a few tips to do activities with weights at home if you don’t have time to go to a gym.

Exercises with Weights at Home are Possible!

In a gym, you will find many different machines, but you can also use weights and do it in your own home to work your muscles. You have to adapt the exercise to the tools you have and see equally satisfactory results.


To do this, you can buy weights to add weight little by little, with different discs and bars. You can place them in any corner, and they’ll help you achieve your goals. We have already told you about some dumbbell exercises, which you can repeat with more weight, such as the biceps or triceps.

Quick and Easy Weight Training Routine

Chest: It is your turn to work the chest with the weights. Get on a bench or hard surface to prevent back injuries. Grab a dumbbell in each hand and open your arms until crosswise at trunk height. Then, raise them both at the same time until they touch the dumbbells. Repeat this exercise 15-20 times per set. Remember that you have to start with little weight and gradually go up.


Back: Working your back is also essential, and with some simple weights, you can do it easily. Standing and from the resting position, raise your arms until they form a cross and return to the starting position. This exercise works your back and shoulders, so you have to be careful and start with a lightweight not to injure yourself.


Squats: You can try stepping forward with the additional weight you introduce with the dumbbells. Take a profound step forward, bend your back knee well, and repeat with the other leg from the starting position. You can hold a dumbbell to add extra weight to your body weight in each hand.


Abdominals: Thanks to the weights, you can also work the abdominal area very effectively. Grab a weight-adding plate and do a normal crunch but try to lift the plate with your arms. Start with a lightweight and add more as you gain strength.


Now, it’s time to discuss how to complement these exercises with weights at home. It is essential that before doing them, you focus on an effective warm-up. To do this, you can take the opportunity to burn fat with a simple cardiovascular exercise, such as jogging a little outside or doing a stationary bike, if you have one at home.


After doing the weights, which you must repeat in different series, it’s time to stretch. Although it may not seem valuable to you, stretching can prevent many injuries, and it is a step as fundamental as the exercise itself. Finally, you can complete this routine with a healthy diet that includes all food groups and good hydration. You will see results very fast!

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