Seven Useful Tips for Developing your Biceps | bicep workouts | best bicep workout

One of the aspects that most concerns fitness enthusiasts and exercise lovers, in general, is the biceps. Who does not want to show off arms like Arnold Schwarzenegger, showing the hours he spends training to the fullest?


We often neglect the essential aspects during the exercise and don’t get the desired results. In addition to a correct diet rich in protein, and proper routines, here are five tips that can help you improve the strength of your biceps.

Wall Push-Ups

Lean your back against a wall and do wall push-ups. It will help you to increase muscle strength in the biceps and make you more robust. Many people make mistakes, avoid wall push-ups on the wall, and consider it a useless workout. An exciting way to avoid this mistake can be to lean against any straight wall and do small preps.

Patience is a Virtue.

When exercising your biceps, it is vital to keep in mind that more does not always mean better. On the contrary, doing more series than recommended does not mean that you will achieve exponential growth. Focus on performing your exercises to the best of your ability, and gradually increase your weight. But don’t tire your arms unnecessarily.

Don’t Give Up on your Muscles.

Another aspect to keep in mind while working your biceps is not to relax until the moment you finish the series you are doing. Try to keep the muscles in constant tension, thus preventing them from oxygenating. In this way, you can achieve more visible results than if you relax them throughout each series.

Take Advantage of the Training of Other Muscles.

It is vital to train other muscles of the body to achieve strength in the biceps. In addition to training them when you focus your efforts on your arms, you can also do it another day a week while focusing on your shoulders, chest, or back. Many experts agree that training two days a week is balanced and beneficial.

Watch Out for Injuries.

Weight is important when training the biceps. Remember that this is not a particularly large muscle and, contrary to what many people think, it is more prone to injury. Please do not use excessive weight and, as we mentioned in the second tip, it will harm the muscles badly.

Always Keep your Genetics in Mind.

Whatever they say, genetics play a significant role in improving physical appearance and muscle growth. Especially when it comes to the biceps. Do not be desperate if the results of your exercises and routines are slower than you would like or what other athletes achieve. Instead, focus on perfecting your training each day you decide to train your arms. With patience, you will notice the evolution in a matter of time.

Proper Grip is Essential.

Something very common, especially at the time when you handle a lot of weight when exercising the biceps, is not making a proper grip. Remember that the tighter you grip the dumbbell or bar you are working with, the more intensity you will generate in the muscle, and you’ll get better results. In addition, you will avoid possible wrist injuries in the process.


The biceps are the most critical muscles for people to train, and for a good reason. The biceps help you do many things every day, such as throwing a ball, opening a jar, or just sitting up from a chair. So, you know, if you take these tips into account and perform a series of repetitions and appropriate exercises, you will more easily meet your goals.

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