The Importance of Sunglasses When we Play Sports | Sunglasses in sports

It makes sense that if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, you should do everything you can to protect yourself from excessive sunlight. Sunglasses will not only help you avoid this, but they will also make it easier for you to see what is happening around you.

There are many famous brands of sunglasses, today we are going to focus on Cebé sunglasses . One of the reference brands that you can find in stores like Óptica Sport.

The company was created in 1984 by two young entrepreneurs. Subsequently, the brand became part of the largest optical group in Europe, Essilor International. In 2009, Cebé sunglasses were presented at the prestigious Paris Eyewear Show, opening up new markets for the company. In 2012 they launched their first collection designed by David Adam, in collaboration with French designer Emmanuelle Khanh.

Today the company offers both sunglasses and optical glasses collections.

Why is it important to wear sunglasses when we play sports?

Whether playing tennis, surfing, skiing or cycling, sunglasses are always recommended because they can protect our eyes better than any other garment.

It is important to do sports outdoors, so why not protect ourselves from the sun when doing it? In addition, when you practice sports outdoors you are much more exposed to ultraviolet rays, so sunglasses are essential.

Sunglasses not only protect us from the sun, but also provide an aesthetic effect to the whole and give a touch of siderality to our outfit.

Sunglasses enhance and give a more sporty look to your look, so it is important to have them present on any occasion. When you play sports you are exposed to the sun, and you should wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Sunglasses are more than necessary when we practice sports, because they also provide an aesthetic effect to the whole.

Ski season begins!

The snow and its reflections with the sun, the temperature is cold and the air is dry. All these elements are not good for our eyes.

Light reflected from snowflakes or ice can irritate our eyes. That’s why we need sunglasses to protect those two sensitive organs from the sun’s rays. They should have a dark brown or gray lens with 100% UV protection, and should fit your face.

If you really like sports and want to practice it with pleasure and safety (both for yourself and for those around you), you have to take some precautions before going skiing or snowboarding:

  1. put on a balaclava
  2. Cover your head with a hat or helmet- Put sunscreen on your face and try to cover all exposed body parts.
  3. Wear sunglasses with 100% UV protection, whatever the time of day or the intensity of the sun

It is done! You are ready for a great day of skiing and snowboarding. See you at the top.

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