Top 7 Bench Press Mistakes | Dumbest Mistakes

People include the bench press in their workout plan since it is a well-known and traditional
chest exercise and they believe it to be easy and basic. But you should be conscious of a lot of
things when performing the bench press.
Many people utilize this exercise to tone their upper bodies, including their pecs, arms, and
shoulders. During your experience in the gym, you have undoubtedly witnessed someone make
one of the biggest bench press mistakes listed below. Perhaps you have been the one without
the knowledge to correct your movement.
Utilize your training to its fullest by understanding how to avoid these top 7 bench press
Excessive Weight
The largest and most common mistake people make while bench pressing is to go too heavy.
You are less likely to complete the exercise’s full range of motion if you load the bar with too
much weight, which also raises the risk of a bad mishap.
Elbows pointing outward at 90°
Theoretically, extending your elbows will tighten your pecs and provide you with a wider range
of motion. However, in actual practice, doing this will put more strain on the shoulder joints,
especially as you raise the weight you bench press.
Bar Striking the Chest Too Hard
Examine your elbows first if you discover that the bar is striking your chest too strongly. High bar
placement may be the result of extremely flared elbows.
There are probably other areas of your press that are incorrect, but let’s focus on just this one in
this section if your bar is striking your chest too high. A lifter will find it more difficult to stack the
joints correctly and will experience less-than-ideal primary pressing muscle activity if a barbell
strikes the chest too high.
Grip Width
An excessively wide grip can result in power loss, while a grip that is too narrow can put stress
on the wrists’ lateral sides. Use the metal rings on either side of the bar to start readjusting your
grip until you find the position that feels most comfortable for you.
Starting with the pinky in direct touch with the ring, move your fingers and the metal ring as a
gauge to determine whether to move inward or outward as necessary.
Bench Pressing with an Upright Posture

Instead of having a flat upper back, you should squeeze your shoulder blades and push them
back into the bench. As your shoulders lose touch with the bench when you bench press with a
flat upper back, you put more strain on your shoulder joints.
Raising butt off the Bench
Lifting the glutes as they press the bar back up is a common bench-pressing error. Although it
will help you lift the bar, but this is not the best exercise for building upper-body strength.
Keep your glutes tight and anchored to the bench the entire rep to avoid it.
Not Maintaining a firm Grounding
You will be in an unstable position and lose strength because you won’t be able to apply the
the force necessary to drive the feet into the ground as you rise if you don’t have a strong basis with
To avoid it, place your feet directly below your knees and firmly plant them as you complete
each rep. As long as you make sure your heels stay on the ground, it’s okay if move your feet
back further if it seems more comfortable.

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