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The next time you’re in the gym Lifting weights, get used to the idea that you’re not just working out. More and more men are aware that they suffer from some problem or disorder related to mental health.
According to a Washington University School study, the more men train with weights, the less risk of suffering from depression and the less they think about suicide.

The researchers analyzed data from 9,000 volunteers who had thought about taking their own lives at least once in the previous fifteen days. All of them had their maximum strength measured. At the last of the experiment, in which they followed a weight-based workout, the researchers found that with every 5 kilos they added to their weight-bearing exercises, their suicidal thinking thoughts were reduced by 16%.

And it is not the only similar study. According to new research from the University of Limerick, weightlifting is associated with a significant reduction in symptoms of depression. According to the researchers, strength training improves the perception of one’s physique and increases self-confidence, factors that contribute to more excellent mental and emotional stability.

In general, men are less likely to go to some therapy and seek support from family and friends.

After a year like 2020, it is due to covid-19 that we can feel more mentally fragile. The solution is to fight depressive symptoms quickly, saving the lives of those who suffer from them.
And lifting weights is proving to be a very effective tool to achieve this. So, you know: lift more weight to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

And to strengthen your mind even more, here are some practical tips that will help you (in addition to training in the gym) to improve your mood, from first thing in the morning.

7:00. Calm down. Meditating every day reduces cytokines and inflammatory chemicals and prevents mood swings.

7:15. Stimulate yourself. Consuming 2 cups of coffee a day can cut suicide risk in half.
Caffeine, in moderation, is proven to be a powerful antidepressant.
7:30. Nurture yourself. Vitamin B6 in bananas helps the brain produce serotonin, which
improves mood.
7:45. Take a walk. Leave the car and walk to the gym. With just 15 minutes of easy walking or
running, you will keep discouragement at bay.

8:45. Refresh yourself. Taking a shower for two to three minutes at around a water temperature of 20 ° C can also alleviate the symptoms of depression. And if you take it before training, it will also help you burn more calories.
Science confirms that a strong body helps to have a healthier mind. That is why you should lift weights to prevent problems such as depression. Exercising is also the best weapon against anxiety.


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