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Nowadays, it is enough to take 10 minutes a day to dedicate yourself and carry out a training routine according to your physical characteristics and personal goals. The important thing in these cases is to know how to optimize the little time available to the maximum. Still, with the help of our guide in this article, this is something easy to achieve. The most challenging thing is to motivate yourself, to convince yourself of how recommendable and healthy it is, because the effectiveness of this type of routine is more than proven.




Before starting, a warm-up phase is necessary:

  • Bringing the knees to the glutes.
  • Raising them to the chest.
  • Running in place while moving the arms up and down.
  • Rotating the knees to stretch the joint can be a quick and effective way to warm up and prevent injury.


Spend a minute on the warm-up phase. Here are seven exercises you must perform twice in a row to complete the 10 minutes of training.


Resistance exercise


Resistance is a parameter that is not lost as quickly as it happens with speed as we get older, but it is necessary to work on it so that this gain is effective.

best workouts

One day a week, a warm-up for four minutes by jogging at a comfortable pace. You should run for at least three minutes at a speed close to 75% of your HRM. Rest for one minute and do another three-minute set or until you cannot return your heart rate to below 120 beats per minute.


Exercises 1 and 2: Jumping jacks and front kicks


Duration: 30 seconds for each exercise.


To perform the first exercise, you must open your legs and arms at the same time while jumping. Be careful not to land with your feet flat on the ground. It’s an excellent way to keep warming up and working all the muscles in your body. At the end of the jumping jacks, we move on to the next exercise. Stand up straight to kick front kicks with alternating left and right legs.


Exercise 3: Squats


Duration: 2×30 seconds.


It is essential to perform this exercise care to avoid injury. First, the feet and shoulders have to be at the same height. We must push our chest out and move our pelvis back, keeping our back straight while looking straight ahead. Once we have this position, we go down as if we were going to sit down and carefully go up to repeat the exercise.

best workouts

Exercise 4: Wall sit


Duration: 1 minute.


This exercise allows you to work the muscles of both the legs and the buttocks. All you need is a wall. To do it correctly, you must place your back against the door or wall, lower your hips and bend your knees until your body is in a position similar to that of sitting, with the knees forming a 90-degree angle. Hold it for one minute.

Exercise 5: Lunges


Duration: 30 seconds.


In performing the lunges, it is essential to keep your back straight and your abdomen firm to work your abdominal muscles while you do your leg. It takes 15 strides with each leg, lowering the body until the front knee forms a 90-degree angle.

Exercise 6: The chair


Duration: 20 repetitions (30 seconds).


For doing this exercise, as the name suggests, you will need a chair. You must place your back on it and place your arms on the sides of it. Once you have the position adopted, lower using only force with your arms.


Exercise 7: The plank


Duration: 1 minute.

This exercise is simple, but at the same time, challenging and effective. You have to lie face down with your forearms and the balls of your feet on the ground. The position of the back must be completely straight so that tension is felt in the abdomen area.

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