Winning Strategy: Gunnar Peterson’s Formula for Success

Gunnar Peterson has had an incredibly successful career as a personal trainer, with many high-profile clients including celebrities, athletes, and models. However, what most people don’t know is that Gunnar’s success didn’t come easy – it was the result of years of hard work and dedication. Here we will take a look at Gunnar’s journey to success and find out what his daily grind involves.

The Early Years:

Gunnar grew up in Sweden where he began his training career as a teenage bodybuilder. He soon realized that he had a talent for training others, and decided to move to the United States to pursue a career in personal training.

In Los Angeles, Gunnar’s first celebrity client was Christina Aguilera whom he worked from 1998-2000. This led to more celebrity clients, and Gunnar’s name soon spread throughout Hollywood.

The Process:

So what does it take to be one of the most successful trainers in the world? Well, according to Gunnarson “success is about 95% hustle and 5% natural ability”. In other words, if you want to be successful you have to be prepared to work hard every day. And this is exactly what Gunnarson does – his days begin at 4 am when he starts his workout routine, followed by emails and meetings until lunchtime. After lunch, he heads back into the gym for another 2-3 hours of training before finishing up for the day at around 7 pm.

While Gunnar’s path may not be easy, it is worth following if you want to achieve greatness yourself. So take inspiration from this legendary trainer and start grinding today!

Peterson’s journey to success started inauspiciously enough – he was working as a dishwasher when he decided to attend college at night. Once there, he quickly realized that he wanted to be a personal trainer and switched majors. After graduating, he moved to L.A., landed his first job training celebrities, and the rest is history.

What sets Peterson apart from other trainers is his relentless work ethic – he works out six days per week (sometimes twice per day), remains constantly innovative with his programming and leverages technology to stay connected with his clients. This dedication has allowed him not just to survive but thrive in a highly competitive industry.

Though hard work and determination are essential for achieving success, so too is staying constantly motivated and focused on one’s goals; traits which Gunnar Peterson possesses in spades.


So there you have it – Gunnar Peterson’s path to success remains a daily grind characterized by hard work and dedication. If you want to achieve similar levels of success, then you too need to adopt this same mindset and put in the effort required day in and day out.

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