York Fitness 2429 Review: Opinions and Price

The York Fitness 2429 dumbbell set is a great product to exercise your muscles, you will be able to regulate your weight according to your needs. Thanks to these dumbbells, you can efficiently and progressively perform your exercises to strengthen your body.

​It is a great tool for fitness enthusiasts. These dumbbells can be used for a variety of workouts, whether it is weightlifting, cardio, or bodybuilding. The weight is easily adjustable, and the plates are made from high-quality metal coated with a soft cloth to prevent any irritation on your skin.

The main drawback mentioned is that its case has been made of plastic that is not very resistant, so it works much more like a cover than as a case. For the rest, you can say that they are dumbbells of high quality and perfectly fulfill their function.


These dumbbells include 4 0.5-pound plates, 4 1.25-pound plates, 4 2.5-pound plates, and four spinlock collars. It comes in a practical case where you can store your dumbbells when you’re not using them.

Highly Adaptable

The great advantage of these dumbbells is that the weight can be adapted according to your needs. That is to say, and you only have to place the discs you need in the lateral areas of the dumbbells to reach the desired weight when performing the exercise.

The dumbbells are perfect for people with different weight categories, as you simply have to place the discs you need in the lateral areas to change the weight. These dumbbells also help you build your muscles and gain more strength.

Strengthens Muscles

The best part is that you can also use them as a forearm stand to promote better blood circulation. They are a viable and effective alternative to traditional dumbbells. Powerlifting Discs – Mobility, Strength, and Balance. For people who want a versatile tool that can be used for strength and balance training, these discs could be of great use.

The discs are made of solid metal, allowing the typical drawbacks of sand fillings and the elements of other products to be easily avoided.

Its grooved bars ensure that the discs are positioned properly, while on the other hand, the adjustment rings keep them in place.


The grip bars are very comfortable and allow a pleasant feeling during use, and can be held with minimal risk, even when sweat or moisture is present. Its design is ideal for preventing the appearance of traditional calluses and other possible damage to the hands.



  • Each dumbbell offers an adjustable weight system, reaching up to 8.5 kilos each.
  • It has a perfect design to avoid traditional calluses.
  • They can be assembled very easily and without complications.
  • The manufacturing materials are of high quality, solid and durable.
  • Includes a briefcase in which to store the dumbbells to protect them
  • They offer great comfort and practicality thanks to the possibility of adjusting the price.



  • The resistance of the plastic in your case is not too high, so it functions more like a cover than as a means of transporting them.

York Fitness 2429 is a high-end elliptical machine designed for those who want to keep up with their fitness routine while they are working out. It has a variety of features that make it easy to use and is perfect for users who want to get some work done while they are exercising. The York Fitness 2429 Review provides an in-depth look into what people think about this fitness product and how much it’s worth to them.

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