7 Strong Exercises for Legs | Exercising daily | Keeping yourself Fit

Strengthening the legs with complementary exercises is one of the tasks that every runner
should add to their training. Here you will find exercises to increase power and capacity. If they
are very simple for you, you can add weights or anklets to them, always being careful and
prudent with the load.
The legs are a very important part of the body. They are the basic foundation for the whole
body. If you have poor legs, you can easily feel uncomfortable in your wardrobe.
These exercises are designed to develop your leg muscles and increase your endurance. The
exercises are simple enough that you can do them anywhere. They will improve your flexibility,
balance, and strength.

First of all, you have to stand tall with your back straight, your head straight, and your legs
shoulder-width apart, and bend your knees and hips down. The arms can be outstretched or behind
the ears

Jumping jacks
Start with your legs together and jump up, opening them shoulder-width apart, simultaneously
raising your arms and trying to touch your hands above your head

Calf raises
With your legs shoulder-width apart, lift your heels off the ground and stand on your toes for 20
to 30 seconds

Lying on your back, place your knees at 90° and raise your hips as much as possible, until you
form a bridge. Stay a few seconds and go down.

Standing, with your legs together, your hands on your waist, and your back and neck straight,
put one of your feet forward and bend both legs until they form a 90° angle. Hold the position for
a few seconds and repeat, moving the other foot forward.

Abductor elevation
Lying on your side, completely or with your knee supported, raise one leg and then lower it

Flexion of adductors
Standing with your legs shoulder-width apart, throw your body to one side, almost resting your
elbows on that knee. Alternate one side and the other

● Strengthening the legs through these exercises will train femoral, calf, gluteal, and
quadriceps muscles.
● If you are looking to gain muscle mass, leg work will activate a greater amount of
anabolic hormones, which will lead to greater muscle growth.
● Training your legs with intensity allows you to gain power, endurance, and speed. But
you have to be careful not to overload them when facing an upcoming competition or
Common mistakes
● Try to train the whole of one leg in one session.
● Don’t do deep squats.
● Load too much weight: if weight is added, it should be gradually and according to the
real possibilities.
● Do not stretch: that the training has been localized and calmer than a running session
does not mean that all the muscles should not be stretched correctly.
The leg exercise is one of the most important exercises in any training plan. If a person is not
doing this regularly, it can weaken the body and make it very prone to injuries. In this article, we
go over 7 different exercises to help build stronger legs.

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