These 7 Easy Tips Will Help You Increase Bench Press Power | Boost the Strength

There are few workouts more popular than the barbell bench press when it comes to working
out. It’s a must-do when it comes to growing a powerful upper body and a large chest. Here are
ten tips to help you enhance your pressing strength.
Some of these pointers can help you improve your bench press immediately by improving your
technique, while others will help you break through any strength plateaus if your weight hasn’t
moved in a while.

  1. Set your feet firmly on the ground
    As soon as the reps get heavy, we’ve all seen someone at the gym throw their feet up in the air.
    It’s not a good idea! The most common mistake committed while attempting high reps is
    losing the tension and stability that your legs provide.
    Keep your feet firmly planted on the floor and produce stability and force with your legs.
  2. Don’t forget about your lower body
    As your legs are the greatest muscles in your body, you should bench with them. By attempting
    to extend your legs after you have planted your feet, you can instantly add extra pounds to your
    When you’re lying down, it’ll feel like you’re sliding up the bench if you’re doing it correctly.
    During your set, the force you generate with your legs will be transferred to the bar.
  3. Build your base
    You will never be able to support a large amount of weight if your foundation is weak. Squeeze
    your shoulder blades back and together as if you’re attempting to crush an egg between them,
    and keep them there for the duration of the set.
    Next, tighten your glutes and stabilize your abs. When you execute these three things, you
    create a strong and sturdy foundation from which to go on.
  4. Push your head through the back of the bench
    Don’t get caught by your sticking point! We’ve all experienced a point in the barbell route where
    it feels like the barbell has come to a complete stop.
    Drive the back of your head through the bench to break past your stumbling block. When you
    drive your head back into the bench, your bar speed rises, helping you to complete the most
    difficult section of your range of motion.
  5. Break the barbell
    Shoulder problems are common among gym rats who bench press frequently. If you want to
    avoid shoulder soreness from bench pressing, make sure you have appropriate shoulder
    pressing mechanics.
    By attempting to “break” or “snap” the barbell in half, this is done. You’ll be able to lift more as a
    bonus, because it produces stability and torque at the shoulders, allowing you to focus more
    force on the bar.
    Keep in mind that the more stable you are; the more weight you can lift.
  6. Crush the Bar
    Maintaining a solid grip on the bar is another method to quickly add a few pounds to your bench.
    This serves two purposes. The first is that it establishes a powerful wrist position with the
    knuckles pointing upwards, allowing for optimal bar positioning across the forearms.
    The second achievement is that after you shatter the bar, you quickly become stronger by
    recruiting more muscles. When you grab the bar with white knuckle intensity, more muscles are
    recruited, and the muscles that are engaged contract harder and produce more force than when
    you grip with a sloppy grip.
  7. Practice, Practice, Practice
    You must “practice” lifting heavy weights if you wish to lift heavy weights. If you want a huge
    bench, you should exercise with 75-85 percent of your 1 RM numerous times a week with
    flawless technique and low rep sets (1-5 reps) and never train to fail if your aim is strength.
    Consider the bench press part of your workout to be a warm-up. Build strength using the bench
    press during your workout and save the high sets and reps for later in the workout.
    Perform a back exercise with the same number of sets and reps as a rowing variation for every
    bench press training you do. The barbell bench press is the most effective approach to building
    a strong foundation for your chest.
    If you want to add more plates to the bar, keep in mind that strength is a skill that requires a lot
    of practice and good technique. Give these seven suggestions a try for a few weeks and you’ll
    be amazed as well.

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