Benefits of swimming for your body and mind | Keep yourself fit by swimming

There are many sports that we can choose from if we want to lead a healthier life. Everyone
knows football, basketball or even tennis. But you are seeing a certain upward trend with
swimming. In more and more cities, more and more people are advocating swimming as an
escape valve, as a routine exercise.
Why? Mainly because of how good swimming is for our body and mind. We are going to
delve into it to understand it better, but, when you read what we have to tell you, it will surely not
take long for you to want to go to the pool in your area to swim.
Why are you interested in swimming?
Swimming is getting easier to practice. The number of pools enabled to practice is greater
thanks to the enormous effort of companies, and specialists in state-of-the-art commercial pools
for sports facilities, which maximize comfort and swimming training in both outdoor and indoor
It is normal that you are betting on this sport, since it is something that is most accessible
and, as we have mentioned before, it generates many physical and psychological benefits for
our body. For starters, regular swimming practice gives you flexibility.
By having to make different movements of the legs and arms, the muscles are activated and, in
addition to being strengthened, they gain considerably in mobility (especially the back!), and this
is ideal to be more flexible, as well as to avoid low back pain and other ailments related to that
part of the body.
Of course, swimming is also a perfect fat burner. If you do more or less serious training, you
can burn more than 500 calories per hour, at higher intensity, the figure can rise above 700
calories. With these figures, it is not surprising to discover that it is one of the most
recommended exercises when starting a weight loss routine.
On top of that, swimming helps improve our entire cardiorespiratory set. It has the ability to
make our heart pump blood up to almost 20% more and improve our oxygen consumption by
10%. In this way, it increases our ability to breathe well, helps us to be able to hold our breath
more and, last but not least, causes us to have better blood circulation by allowing us to lower
our heart rate.
So far we have only talked about the benefits for the body, but what about the benefits for the
mind? The first and most important is that swimming helps combat stress a lot. The contact
with the water relaxes the human being, and that, combined with the concentration in the
execution of the exercises and in the breathing, makes the mind move away from everything
else. It is even able to help against the symptoms of depression.
On the other hand, it is a sport that activates the brain. It puts the four cerebral lobes to work
and produces a series of neuronal links that unleash greater brain activity and cause more
oxygen to circulate. It activates us, wakes us up and makes us think more clearly and
effectively. In short, it is a sporting proposal that is more than healthy. Get rid of stress Activate
our brain

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