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There are many reasons why kayaking is such a popular sport. On the one hand, it’s a great
way to stay cool during the hot summer months. Also, kayaking is great exercise and can be
done alone or with friends.
When kayaking, having a kayak motor can be a huge advantage. If you are someone who
wants to kayak but doesn’t want to paddle all the time, then a kayak motor is definitely
something you should consider buying.
What types of kayak motors are there?
There are two main types of kayak motors: gasoline and electric. Every type of motor has its
own benefits.
Petrol kayak engines are usually more powerful, so they are more suitable for larger kayaks or
those that carry heavy loads.
Electric kayak motors are quieter and more environmentally friendly than gasoline motors. They
are also less likely to capsize your kayak, making them a good choice for beginners.
However, they may not have enough power for larger kayaks or those carrying heavy loads.
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It is also important to consider the type of kayak you are going to buy. An electric kayak motor is
quieter and more environmentally friendly, but it is also usually more expensive.
Tips for buying a kayak motor
If you want to buy a kayak motor, you need to keep a few things in mind.
Flatwater kayak motor
First of all, keep in mind the type of kayak you are going to do. If you plan to paddle in flat water,
a smaller motor will suffice.
whitewater kayak motor
However, if you want to paddle in rougher water, you will need a more powerful motor.
Second, think about the ease of transporting the kayak. If you plan to travel with your kayak, an
inflatable kayak may be the best option. Lastly, consider your budget. The price of kayaks can
range from a few hundred euros to thousands of euros.
How much does a kayak motor cost?
The price of kayak motors can range between 100 and 800 euros, depending on the power of
the motor.
Types of kayaks
When it comes to kayaks, there are several different types to choose from.
Depending on your goals in kayaking, you may want a different type of kayak. Here are some of
the most popular types:
● Sit-on kayaks: These kayaks are great for beginners or those who want to paddle in
calm waters.
● Inflatable kayaks: These kayaks are perfect for those who want to save space or travel
with their kayak. They are also great for beginner kayakers as they are very stable in the
● Whitewater Kayaks: These kayaks are designed for more experienced kayakers who
want to paddle in rougher waters. They are usually shorter and have a more rounded

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