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Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are essential for living. If you want to live healthily and get in shape get signed into your nearest best gyms with good equipment and professional trainers. These gyms will get you in shape and all-puffed up in no time. Islamabad has the best gyms and the best equipment.


Executive Club

Executive Club is the first club on our list. This club provides a variety of exercises including cardio, strength exercise, kickboxing, free weight, classes, and a Sauna with the best cafeteria.

The gym has the best quality equipment and professional trainers. The gym is for males and females. Females have separate area timing starting from 11 am to 7 pm. The trainer will do their best to bring you back on the fitness track. They always do their best to give you motivation, queries, and help.

Location: Street 40, F-10/4, Islamabad

Phone number: 051-8434033

Omnifarious Fitness and Nutrition

Omnifarious fitness and nutrition gym is the place with the best trainers and nutritional guides. The trainers don’t provide you with readymade nutritional plans but discuss your entire routine and nutritional diet.

It is not important to visit the gym you can get the entire exercise and diet plan for you to perform fun exercises and a nutritional diet at your home.

Location: Office 3, Asif Plaza, Fazlul Haq Road, Blue Area, Islamabad

Phone number: 0333-6999-800. 0306-5444-144


Metafitnosis is also one of the best gyms in Islamabad and has been there since 2006. The place is highly popular due to its high number of client visits. The gym is full of professional trainers which provide full-body exercises after a brief discussion to understand your diet plan and exercise movements. The trainers follow a 7-step full body assessment to determine their client’s fitness level.

The gym has its own 7-step body fitness idea for weight loss or any other exercises according to the client’s needs and fitness goals.

Following are some of the gym plans:

  • 1-4 training: This is a fusion-style training program to exercise your entire body. The program has several levels according to progress.
  • Movement-based: Movement-based training with multiple movement training fit for weight loss and muscle movements.
  • Pregnancy: The gym also provides light exercises for mommies-to-be. The exercise focuses on abdominal stress through movements. The objective is to get the mommies moving and have a healthy delivery.

Location:  Islamabad Studio Plot 17, F-6 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan-44000

Phone number:  92-300-8555628.



Kinetix fitness club is a gym with professional trainers with 10 years of training the best in the industry. Kinetix is known as one of the best due to its high-quality art equipment and internationally recognized expert trainers.

Kinetix has the perfect atmosphere in their lounge for you to interact with their Kinetix family and enjoy their time. The trainers do their utmost best to:

  • achieve their client’s fitness goals
  • shape you up in no time
  • comfortable and interactive environment
  • provide the best machines for strength exercising
  • best industrial expert trainers

The gym is recently providing this training for their clients

  • Muscle Building

Muscle building training program is based on traditional and advanced techniques. The gym trainers help their clients to achieve their dream body mass and increase their stamina and mobility, and you will feel pretty well-shaped.

  • Core Training

Core training is a pretty interesting and fun training to perform. This training includes clockwise and anticlockwise rotation to strengthen your core. It puts a lot of stress on the body burning a ton of calories and making your core strength to achieve your biggest dreams.

  • Metabolic Training

Metabolic training includes a variety of fat-burning exercises and proper breath breaks to perform the “Oxygen Debt” process and get those fats burning in no time. These exercises are highly effective and will help you see results in a short period.

Location: Shahid Plaza Plot # 1-A, Blue Area F-6, Islamabad

Phone number: +92 317 7000700

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