Ultimate Buying Guide: Amzdeal-maximum security Olympic rings

In all gyms, you will find this type of ring to exercise, but there are multiple options on the market to also incorporate this item into your home gym. Compared to other sports equipment, gymnastic rings have a significant advantage: they are light, take up little space, and serve as complements to other equipment.


They are available in different materials, with high-resistance plastic and wood, which provides excellent resistance and satisfaction among their users. In addition, these rings are often the best complement for rehabilitation and physiotherapy exercises.


Available in Multiple Colours

Home gym rings are available in various colors, materials, and strengths. They will offer you multiple possibilities depending on your performance.

High Load Capacity

The Amzdeal brand gymnastics rings have a high load capacity, and they can support up to 400 kilos of weight between both rings. They are made up of high professional quality materials and allow high-level athletes to use them both at home and in specialized gyms.

Great Security

Thanks to their non-slip design, they provide excellent security that keeps the rings stable. Its additional 13-foot-long nylon straps contribute significantly to this, a complement that will allow us to perform exercises at different heights and with varying lengths of adjustment. These extra-long and adjustable straps allow you to perform exercises by anchoring the rings to a beam or bar.

High-Strength ABS Plastic Material

These Amzdeal gymnastics rings are made of high-strength ABS plastic material, which gives them a robust design. Unlike many other plastics, it is also a material that does not give off odors. Hence, you should not worry about getting a smell from the product while using it.

Suitable for Bodyweight Training

This model of professional gymnastic rings will allow us to exercise the upper muscles, so they are especially suitable for strength and bodyweight training. They are very easy to install, durable, compact, and easy to transport thanks to their lightness. Olympic rings only weigh one kilo.

Firm Steel Buckles

Its buckles are steel, making the bite force stronger, safer, and easy to adjust. Additionally, each strap is equipped with a sewn-in Velcro retaining ring to keep the belt on during training.



  • Great grip
  • Solid and resistant material
  • Capable of bearing a 400kg load
  • Good finish


  • Less comfortable than wooden rings
  • Thin straps
  • Its adjustment buckle breaks easily


If you want to buy gymnastic rings you must consider several aspects, including the weight that the rings will support. Other essential elements include the material the rings are made of or the length and stability provided by their straps.


With all the gymnastic rings, you will achieve better resistance in your muscles and joints, performing strength exercises; but you must choose the one that best suits you and your sports needs.


Frequently asked questions


How can gymnastic rings be hung?

The simplest thing is to place the CrossFit rings on a pull-up bar anchored to the ceiling or wall. You can also place it on a door pull-up bar or power rack.


How much do Olympic rings weigh?

Most of the models are very light, barely weighing one kilo.


I see that some models of gymnastic rings incorporate some rubber rolls; what are they for?

Its technical name is grip, and it serves to improve the grip and make it firmer, safer, and more comfortable for the user.


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