How To Start A Cardio Habit You Can Stick With

Regular physical exercise is essential to ensure that our health is in the best condition and thus

achieve a better quality of life. It is proven that cardiovascular exercise is one of the most

beneficial exercises. It has multiple benefits, such as burning calories, losing weight, improving

lung capacity, and helping the heart strengthen.


Cardio is believed to be one of the most challenging exercises, but this only tells us about

misinformation since cardio can be done in many modalities. If you do not enjoy one, you can

explore multiple ways.


Here are the easiest ways to start doing cardio daily.

Be patient

Like any other exercise, you cannot become an expert overnight; it is a process that takes time.

You must prepare your body session after session to obtain better condition, resistance, and

strength day after day.

When perseverance and discipline become our best allies during this process it helps us to see



It is essential not to force the body, on the contrary, to train it little by little to meet realistic goals

that are achievable in the short term. For example, suppose you are not used to this type of

exercise. In that case, it is best to start with a short duration and low-intensity, sessions of 15 to

20 minutes walking.

Find your ideal activity.

There are multiple ways to do cardio, not only on a treadmill but even in most daily activities. We

can do cardio without realizing it; the important thing is to choose the option that best suits our

tastes and goals. You can select the following:


WALKING: It is a versatile activity; you can choose your favorite park to explore and connect

with nature while exercising.


JUMPING: You may wonder how jumping is cardio; well, it is an activity like jumping rope. It

involves coordination, balance, strength, and resistance; the best thing is that you can do it

anywhere you are, and you don’t need more than 15 minutes.


Set yourself new challenges

It is essential in cardio to set new goals once we have met the previous ones. For example, if

you did not finish the workout preps, and set the goal that you will achieve; this keeps us constantly

focused and motivated.

The best thing is always to set goals that adapt to your tastes, and abilities and to keep yourself

constantly motivated to make your physical exercise a healthy lifestyle.


Check your Health

It is always best to get advice from a doctor or a physical therapist before making significant

changes to your lifestyle, such as starting a training plan, especially if you are over 45 years old,

suffer from a chronic illness, or have been injured in the past.




The general recommendation is:

● Cardio (minimal activity): at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio per week. You can do

a minimum of 75 minutes of intense cardio a week or a combination of both.


● Strength training (highly recommended): exercises that include a larger muscle group,

two or more days per week.


● Extra health benefits: the minimum should be increased cardio 300 minutes (moderate)

additional or 150 minutes (intensive) a week, or a combination of both.


Although it may seem too much, the good thing is that you can adapt it to your schedule and do

it in your training sessions at home! As long as your cardio activities last for at least 10 minutes,

you can spread them out over as many training sessions per week as you like. Doing strength

training or cardio first will depend on your goal.


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