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Around 2012, an online challenge game called The Cinnamon Challenge proposed that
participants swallow a spoonful of this dried spice and upload the video (spoiler: they couldn’t,
and there were several hundred cases of lung collapse).
However, regardless of this sovereign stupidity, according to a study by researchers from
In Taiwan and China, supplementing the diet with cinnamon could have impressive benefits for memory at work.
When people with high blood glucose levels – a common problem that affects memory in men
over 40 years old – were asked about their diet, those who reported consuming cinnamon every day were shown to have more remarkable recall ability in tests.
Cinnamon contains compounds that improve insulin sensitivity, inhibiting inflammatory processes that can lead to mental decline. And you don’t need to take a spoonful either, in the style of the challenge.

Daily, a generous pinch is enough in porridge, yogurt, smoothie, or cappuccino. The spice is so potent that a study found that its fragrance alone can raise scores on tasks related to concentration and memory.
The same study found that chewing cinnamon gum had a similar effect, so it pays to have a pack on hand before a big presentation or to create sweet memories.
The Seven benefits of cinnamon in your fitness diet
It is a good ally against infections since it contains cinnamaldehyde, which can help fight various types of infections, both bacterial and fungal. For example, the cinnamon essential oil has been
shown to effectively treat respiratory tract infections caused by fungi.

Cinnamon health benefits include;
Reduces blood glucose levels

It significantly reduces blood glucose levels, making it a perfect food for diabetes.
Promotes weight loss

A good trick is to pour a little bit each morning into your latte and even into your post-workout
protein shakes after the gym. Cinnamon can help us lose weight because it is helpful to control blood sugar levels. As we have commented in the first point, it improves the effectiveness of

insulin and inhibits some enzymes, thus preventing insulin spikes after eating. It helps to keep glucose levels stable, which helps control hunger and certainly keeps you full.

Good digestion
It helps to have good digestion, especially after a good meal or a menu rich in fat and foods with
many carbohydrates.
Regulates the intestinal rhythm
It favors and regulates the intestinal rhythm, taking care of your macrobiotics and maintaining the good health of your large and small intestines. You only need to take a little a day, for example,
at breakfast, mixed in milk. If you don’t like the flavor, don’t worry, you won’t notice it much if you don’t overdo it.
Anti-aging food
It is an essential anti-aging food as it contains many antioxidants, which fight against free radicals.
Muscle relaxant
It can even be used as a muscle relaxant if you take it in infusions of chamomile or linden. In addition, it improves mood and has specific antidepressant effects, because according to some scientific studies, it inhibits the inflammatory process in the brain, helping to increase serotonin levels. This neurotransmitter regulates our sense of well-being.

Strengthen Bones
Strengthen your bones and prevent osteoporosis. Another ally to add to your diet is calcium
from milk or broccoli.

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