The 5 Best Exercise Equipment of 2022 | Best equipments for exercise

Performing physical exercise, either to show off your figure or to stay in shape, has become a
the necessity for men and women in recent years.
Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle and an inadequate diet do not stop wreaking havoc on the
body of millions of people around the world, causing overweight and obesity to continue to
increase. Although many people want to keep fit and lose weight, it is not that simple.
Lack of time and laziness are usually the main reasons why men and women give up trying to
go to a gym to lose weight and/or keep fit. In this guide, we show you different elliptical bikes so
that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
UltraSport – F-Bike Heavy. Maximum weight 130kg
This model can be used as an elliptical bike as well as a traditional exercise bike, a 2-in-1. It has
adjustable resistance levels according to your training, as well as a multifunction computer,
which shows speed, distance, time, calories burned, and pulse.
It supports a maximum weight of 110 kilos and has a large and comfortable chair for users. It
has front wheels that make it easy to move from one place to another. It is a very practical,
functional, and high-performance model.
Diadora – Vicky Cross, elliptical trainer
Diadora is a classic brand of sports products, and this bike is a good example of its good
Capable of supporting up to 110 kilos of weight, this elliptical bike has 8 resistance levels and 7
kilos of a flywheel. It offers exceptional value for money.
Hammer – Crosstech XTR
It is capable of supporting a load of up to 130 kilos and measures 123 x 54 x 156 cm. Our
recommendation for those seeking maximum quality. It consists of a driven Ellipse trainer 2
hand pulse sensors ergonomic handles foldable (1 and 2 handles for mobile more variability)
specially molded pedaling surfaces for a USB charging port High-quality firm support computer
in modern design holders for tablets and smartphones.
Bh Fitness – Elliptical cross trainer with LCD monitor
This elliptical cross trainer has a 10kg inertial system. This makes it have a continuous and
smooth movement, without jumps. The LCD monitor measures your activity time, speed,
distance, calories, and pulse. It is equipped with 8 regulation points.
Fitfiu – BELI120, multifunction elliptical bike
This elliptical bike is multifunctional and includes a saddle. It contains an LCD screen that
shows the heart rate and the time that the activity has been carried out. It is adjustable in 8
levels and supports a maximum weight of 110 kg. It is designed to exercise 80% of your body’s
muscles without impacting your joints. It increases the versatility and resistance of your sessions
with air resistance

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